I remember being 7 years old, stood in the playground at primary school. I was a popular girl, with a smile on my face and always surrounded by friends to play with. The boys would chase me and I would giggle at them, being a very athletic child I was far too fast for them all. One little boy in particular wanted to be my friend and would follow me around like a little lap dog. I found it funny telling him what to do and would make mean threats if he did not do my bidding. I raised my fist to him as he stood next to me....he cowered! shrinking away, I burst into hysterical laughter at the sight of him cringing with fear. I was hard hearted and pitiless even at such a young age.

That was my first recollection of my dominant nature, I knew then that I had the ability to recognise, and to manipulate any submissive males that crossed my path in the future.

From then on it continued. A little slap on the boys hand with the ruler when the teacher was not looking, an 'accidental' trip here and there, a sudden movement from me that would make him jump with fright. They all contributed to getting my daily power trip.

I was however never actually really nasty to him, it was always just to make myself laugh, that's all I needed, it was addictive, I needed my fix. I loved being so sadistic!

I went on through life and as I got older realised I could not get away with that sort of behaviour at secondary school or at work. I had to keep that dominant streak of mine under control. It was not sociably acceptable to humiliate people in day to day life, but, even so, sly comments did sneak out to men every now and again to make myself chuckle.

Over the years, men have on occasion tried to forcefully have their way with me. I don't think they knew what they were letting themselves in for.... I had grown to be a strong, confident woman. I would not stand for any shit from anyone. In my relationships, I had to remain the one in control but when I was in control they were not man enough for me so I would ditch them like a bad habit! Why should I accept any less than what I deserved? After all, I was still a very friendly and loving person which I had inherited from my mother.

My natural beauty and flawless figure opened many doors for me, dancing, singing, theatre performances and modelling, to name but a few. It was during my time modelling that I began attending fetish shoots and started to feel I could be myself again. Then one day, I was approached to do another kind of fetish shoot. This time was different, this time my eyes lit up when I read the email. I was invited to film a few clips....... kicking men in the balls!!!!

The moment I came face to face with the quivering mess standing in front of me, awaiting the pounding from my long sexy boots, was the moment I realised I could not have wished for a more perfect shoot to be attending. I had fire in my eyes. I loved every merciless minute and I laughed so hard that my stomach ached. I left feeling so empowered and happy it was like a new beginning.

From then on, I did more and more shoots and each time I wanted to push someone a little further and seek different avenues that I knew I would enjoy. The film slaves became MY slaves and would follow me wherever I filmed. I began to realise how popular my barbarous videos had become and that was when I decided I wanted to go it alone. I wanted to show the world what I loved doing and I wanted to do it my way. MISTRESS ELISE was born! I became even more relentless as I went on seeking my next thrill. The more severe a clip turned out to be, the better I felt. No one could touch me for my remorseless nature.... and I am adamant they still can't!

I believe everything that happens in life is for a reason. Every day I enjoy doing what excites me and I like to make sure everyone has fun at the same time. There is nothing else I would want to do in life. I was born to be a mighty powerful lady with a twist of humour and I am thrilled you can all share my passion with me.

.....So there you have it, a brief little insight into Mistress Elise. Take me or leave me, I am who I am and I love being me! Where will it end? Who knows, but for now I will just carry on being hellish, cruel, mischievous, and above all evil.... I know I do it well!!!!